Back and Better Than Ever

Sam of Hustle & Flo

Sam of Hustle & Flo

To all who are new to me and my life, welcome! To those of you who followed my last blog, Double Shot of Whimsy, welcome back. I decided to rebrand and relaunch my blog for a number of reasons. When I first started Double Shot of Whimsy, I wanted it to serve as an archive of my life. I wanted to be able to share things I liked and what I was feeling and experiencing as a young woman in college, Double Shot of Whimsy was all about the fun.

I’m still all about fun, but as an older (and hopefully wiser) less-young woman, I wanted my blog to be not only about things I like and what I was experiencing, but to also be a resource for young woman in business. Breaking into the working world and making it work for you is tough at any age and with this blog I hope to share some tips and insights I have gained along my path to world domination.

So Hustle & Flo was born. I hope to make this blog someplace that young women can turn to for a laugh, to find creative inspiration, to catch up on pop-culture and to gain some insight into what it takes to make a living out of what you love. I’m aiming to make this blog a one stop shop of all things you may want to know!

That means I need to hear from you on what you are interested in reading and learning more about,  for me this was my best friend’s recent blog in which she informed the world that I am in fact yuccie – I’ll let you check that out for yourselves.