Don't Let The Flu Keep You From Running Your Business


No one likes getting sick but getting sick when you own your own business or you have a side hustle makes it even worse. When I was working full-time and running my side hustle in the evenings and on weekends, there was no time to be sick and down for the count so I came up with some strategies to stay healthy and to get better faster when I did get sick.

I'm #blessed to have a pretty good immune system but while we were living in New York City with all of those subway germs and cold winters, sometimes there was no way to avoid getting sick.

Here's how I prevent sickness and get rid of colds asap:

Get a flu shot.

I know it's annoying when you get sick even though you got the flu shot (it's definitely happened to me). But you should really make the effort to get a flu shot every year.

Wash your hands.

You touch a lot of stuff every day. And a lot of those things are probably being touched by other people every day. That means germs people! Not only should you be washing your hands after each bathroom trip, before cooking, and before eating. You should also wash or use some hand sanitizer after touching things that get a lot of use by plenty of people. I'm talking about ANYTHING in the subway, stair or escalator railings, gas pumps, you get the picture.

Clean your electronics.

You should also be cleaning your personal belongings that you touch a lot or that you put down throughout the day. That means your germ incubus of a cell phone, your mouse, your keyboard, and your keys. Just be mindful of when you're touching those things then touching your face as that's an easy way to get yourself sick.

Take your vitamins.

When flu season is approaching or even if you're just feeling a little worn down, I'd recommend taking a daily vitamin and maybe an extra dose of vitamin c. Emergen C is your friend in this situation. I find that making sure I'm getting plenty of vitamin c helps a small cough or sniffle from turning into a full-blown bedridden cold.

Get your beauty sleep.

I know it can be hard to get enough sleep every night. Especially if you're growing your business or you're juggling a side hustle with your other responsibilities, but getting enough sleep can work wonders for keeping you mentally and physically healthy. If you think a sickness is threatening to ruin your week, try taking NyQuil for a couple of nights and turning in extra early. Those extra Z's can help you from getting really sick.

If all else fails, fully give in to the sickness.

If nothing is working and you're destined to get sick, think about just taking a day or two to fully give in. If you completely focus on resting and getting better for a day or two, you might be able to get healthy faster than if you try to keep working through the sickness for a week or more. Colds tend to linger when you don't take care of yourself and being out of commission for 2 days is better than being sick enough to slow you down for 2 weeks.

How do you stay healthy during flu season?

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