My Favorite Lady Bosses


March is Women's History Month and March 8th is International Women's Day so I wanted to kick it off by sharing some of my favorite lady bosses. These are women that inspire me and who I follow and look to when I'm thinking about the next step in my career or trying to work through a challenge with my side hustles. Some of my favorite lady bosses are:

Anna Runyon, founder of Classy Career Girl.

The founder of Classy Career Girl, Anna Runyon was working in a great day job at a consulting firm but she just wasn't feeling fulfilled and started her side hustle for coaching women who want to make a change in their career or to start their own business. I really relate to Anna because I have a great job and could easily stay in the corporate world forever and climb the ladder, but just working at my day job doesn't completely fulfill me. I need my own side hustles and projects to fuel my entrepreneurial spirit which I think is exactly what happened to Anna. If any of you fempreneurs are looking to make a career change or start a business (particularly if you're interested in starting a coaching or community based hustle) I HIGHLY suggest you check out Classy Career Girl. 

Jaclyn Johnson, founder of Create & Cultivate.

You may follow Create & Cultivate already for their mix of career and lifestyle blog posts and their amazing conferences (my dream would be to attend one in the future). But you may not know much about the founder, Jaclyn Johnson. She started out as a blogger and grew her blog into an amazing business that supports and inspires budding fempreneurs. Jaclyn has grown Create & Cultivate into an a successful conference that has taken place in many cities across the country with hundreds of thousands of women in attendance, touting some amazing speakers and workshops. Jaclyn is a great example of how you can grow a side hustle into a successful business. 

Jenni Radosevich of I Spy DIY.

If you don't already follow Jenni, I suggest you go hit that follow button really quick. First of all, she is hilarious and it's always fun watching her Instagram Stories of her life, her current projects and her adorable pup. Jenni runs I SPY DIY, a blog featuring, you guessed it, a bunch of her do it yourself projects. But she does SO MUCH MORE than that. She had a pilot show for flipping houses on HGTV and has since continued flipping houses and taking her followers along on each project. Her work goes beyond painting, hanging art, and arranging furniture. This lady boss gets her hands dirty! She is often wielding tools and creating amazing stuff that would probably look very sad and weird if I ever tried to mimic her projects. Jenni has turned a creative outlet and passion into multiple streams of income, a true lady boss inspiration!

Brittany Grace of Not Another Blonde.

Brittany is a totally relatable and fantastic side hustler. She works full time but runs an amazing blog and business called Not Another Blonde. She semi-recently focused on starting to offer a variety of tools and services aimed at helping bloggers grow their blog. One thing I love about her is that she is always focusing and reminding people that your blog is a BUSINESS, which I think is fantastic. If you have a blog and you post just for fun, that's fine. But if your blog is a true side hustle then you need to treat it accordingly. I love that she is working on diversifying her income and bringing in multiple streams of income through different services and using her blog as a lead generator for those services. This is a great way to continue to scale her side hustle income and will help her continue to grow in the future. Oh, and she runs a great Facebook group in which young women looking to grow their blogs can ask questions and encourage each other. She is a great person to follow, especially if you're just getting started with a blog!

Lauren Saylor of A Fabulous Fete.

Lauren is a fantastic inspiration for anyone who wants to pursue a side hustle in the creative space. She started her blog, A Fabulous Fete while working at a day job at a clothing company. Lauren also started an Etsy shop, creating hand lettering products. She grew her blog and hand lettering business enough to leave her day job. She has since expanded A Fabulous Fete to include content creation, and a new business called Wilde House Paper. Lauren is a great example of how you can continue to work on and slowly grow a side hustle for years, whether the plan is to leave your day job or not. She has a few different interests and she's been able to grow her businesses in a way that allows her to work on things she loves, whether it makes her money or not. And isn't a big benefit to being an entrepreneur being able to design a life that you want?

Who are some of your favorite lady bosses?