My Favorite Playlists to Work to


I confess, I can't work without some background noise. I need a podcast, the TV, or some great music in order to keep me going. I find that what I listen to is directly related to the type of work I'm doing. Boring and repetitive tasks get a podcast. Administrative work or tasks that I am very familiar with get a TV or movie, usually something I've seen before so that I can just listen to it without watching.

But work that requires more focus and less potential distractions, I turn to music. I love that different genres of music can match different moods I'm in. If I'm tired and feeling unmotivated, I can play some really upbeat pop and rock from the early 2000s. When I'm relaxing and just hanging out, I like to listen to classic rock. And when I'm feeling a little more creative, I like to listen to Jazz. No matter how you're feeling or what tasks you need to accomplish, the right music can help fuel you and even turn your whole day around.

Here are 8 of my favorite playlists to help fuel your day:

1. For when you're crushing it at work - Walk in Like You Own the Place

2. For when you just need to sing along to some classics - All-Out '90s

3. For when you are feeling unmotivated and tired - Throwback Workout

4. For when you are working on the weekend - Ultimate Indie

5. For when you are stressed and just need to chill out - Acoustic Covers

6. For when you're working on creative projects - The New Retro

7. For when you're feeling that 2pm slump and need to chug some coffee before your next meeting - Songs to Sing to in the Car

8. For when you're just in a great mood - Funky Jazz, Blues & Soul

Bonus: If you haven't listened to your Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify, you should definitely check it out. It pulls new music based on the music you listen to and follow and it's a great way to discover new music!

What are some of your favorite music genres and playlists to work to?

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