How To Use Halloween in Your Marketing


Every holiday offers a unique opportunity to do something a little fun and a bit different with the marketing for your small business, and Halloween is no exception! Halloween themed marketing campaigns and promotions can help make your business memorable and attract new customers.

Here are a few ideas for your small business to use Halloween in your marketing this year:

Costume contest.

Encourage customers to dress in their scariest Halloween costumes and share their photos on social media while they’re using your product or service and tagging your brand. This not only promotes engagement but can also be a great way to gain new followers!

Pumpkin carving.

Host a pumpkin carving contest at your store or office with winners getting your product/service for free or for a discount. This is another great opportunity to have customers share their photos on social media and tag your brand plus it’s a great way to get to know your customers and build brand loyalty.

Trick or treat.

Stock up on candy and encourage customers to bring their kids to your store/office for some trick or treating on Halloween. You can also offer parents a discount on Halloween when they bring their kids along.

Incorporate Halloween into your product.

Release special edition Halloween or fall themed versions of your product or if possible, your service. That means adding pumpkin everything to your menu or releasing your product with some fun Halloween packaging. You can get very creative with this one! Or, challenge customers to showcase how they use your products/service for Halloween or fall.

Decorate for the season.

Decorate your store/office for Halloween or fall. Not only is it festive and fun but it’s more content for your social media channels! Encourage customers to share their decor at home and use a specific hashtag tied to your business.

Throw a spooky shopping party.

Similar to the trick or treat option, but for adults only. Invite customers to dress up and come to your store/office for some Halloween or fall themed treats and drinks while they shop or just to enjoy themselves so that you can get to know them better.

Host a fall sweepstake.

Enter customers into a sweepstake drawing. Every purchase gets them one new entry. Offer the winner tickets to a local fall or Halloween themed event. This is a great option because it rewards frequent shoppers and might encourage someone who is on the fence about buying to go for it.

Dress up in the office.

Have a costume contest for your team with the winner getting a fun prize. Not only does this help boost employee morale but it's more content for social media. Behind the scenes content is great for social media because it can help make your brand more relatable and gives it a face that customers can identify with.

Ask customers to “treat” those in need.

Ask customers if they would like to “treat” others by donating to a specific charity. Your company can also match all donations to encourage customers to donate. Collecting donations and matching donations is a great way to give back to the community and often helps to encourage brand loyalty. There are plenty of ways to incorporate Halloween and fall into your business’ promotions. How will you use Halloween in your marketing?

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