How to Use Mother's Day in Your Marketing

How to Use Mother's Day in Your Marketing

How to Use Mother's Day in Your Marketing

Everyone has a mom. That means Mother's Day can be a great marketing opportunity for your business. If you sell a product or service that can benefit mother's, take advantage of this holiday in your marketing plan by running a promo or creating content specifically geared towards mothers and anyone shopping for a mother's day gift.

Mother's Day isn't only about mothers. Many people purchase Mother's Day gifts for their mom, their grandmother, their mother-in-law, aunts, spouses, and friends who are mothers. According to NRF’s annual survey, 86 percent of Americans will celebrate Mother’s Day this year and spend an average of $180 per person. Mother's Day is a great opportunity to boost sales ahead of summer, especially if your industry typically sees a slump during the summer months.

Here are a few ways you can market for Mother's Day:

Create a gift guide.

Of the 86% of Americans that are celebrating Mother's Day, a good portion of them would probably welcome ideas for what to gift this year. Particularly if they are buying for multiple moms in their life. A handy gift guide can demonstrate how helpful your brand and company are to those looking to give a great mother's day gift this year. If you are a content-based business like a blog, gift guides are a great opportunity to naturally add affiliate links to your content without seeming spammy.

Run a mother's day promotion.

Running a promotion on a specific product or service can be an easy way to encourage sales around Mother's Day. Everyone wants to give a great gift, but because Mother's Day is kind of an add-on holiday, people will welcome saving some money.

Offer a free gift with purchase.

This is similar to the idea of running a special promotion or discount. You can offer a free bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates with the purchase of your product or service. Or, you can offer free gift wrapping with purchase. The added benefit can help your company stand out to customers and convince them to buy.

Donate to mom-related causes that your business cares about.

Donate to a fund for single mothers or to support kids from low-income homes. You can offer a portion of every purchase goes towards a relevant charity. This is a great opportunity to give back to mother's who are struggling to support their families and give customers the opportunity to do some good while they shop for Mother's Day gifts.

Offer free or discounted rush shipping.

We're all busy and Mother's Day can sneak up and catch us by surprise. For customers looking for a great last-minute gift, free or discounted rush shipping can be a lifesaver. They can still get their Mother's Day gift on time but they don't have to pay a bunch of money for faster shipping. Plus, who wants to be forced to buy a Mother's Day gift from Amazon just to get the free two-day shipping? Compete with bigger online retailers by offering fast shipping for the holiday.

How do you plan to use Mother's Day in your marketing?