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For this month's Hustle Profile I interviewed personal branding guru, Sheila Joy of In Search of Sheila! This lovely lady is honestly so inspiring, she runs an amazing coaching business, offers online courses and ebooks on her website, AND works her full-time day job. She is so great at running her business and getting it all done, you would never guess it was her side hustle.

So stick around and learn a little more about Sheila with me.

Tell me about yourself.

Hi there! I want to thank Sam for interviewing me and for giving me the opportunity to share my story!My name is Sheila and I’m a Personal Branding Strategist and Coach. I help multi-passionate bloggers stand out online by being unapologetically themselves so they can start making an income and impact. I also work full-time as an archivist and cataloger in a library. You could say I’m a very multi-passionate and curious person...I enjoy blogging, photography, history, astrology, moon cycles, the Law of Attraction, traveling, and Game of Thrones!

What made you want to start your blog and business?

I started out as a fashion blogger back in 2013 to express myself and showcase my photography. I’ve been into photography since I was 14, particularly shooting self-portraits. When I got more into fashion and personal style, starting a blog was a natural fit.My blog didn’t turn into a business until mid-2017. I lost my passion for blogging about fashion and rebranded. This took some time and soul-searching, as I found my purpose in life is to help others. Combined with my passion of blogging and strengths of being a great communicator and teaching, the blog, business, and brand In Search of Sheila became an online community and go-to resource to learn authentic and intentional blogging strategies.

Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur?

Yes! I have an eBook called Blogging with Purpose and provide coaching services. I’m also just launched my very first online course about growing your email list which I’m super excited about!

When did you say ok, I can call myself a business owner/entrepreneur now?

When I registered my business, which was in September 2017. But it took me months to truly believe I was an entrepreneur. I’ve personally struggled with identity issues all my life and when I turned my blog into a business it was hard for me to truly think I was one...and also tell other people! I’m happy to say that I overcame these limiting beliefs through journaling, personal development work, honing in on my manifesting rituals, and being part of an amazing online community that supports and motivates me.

How do you balance growing your business with your full-time job and other parts of your life?

Such a great question. I’ve been “balancing” the two for over a year now and I’ve definitely learned a thing or two. I maintain a morning routine that keeps me energized and productive, allowing me to work on my business before and after my full-time job. Some lunch breaks get dedicated to writing newsletters or hopping into my Facebook group and of course checking Instagram. Weekends are when I get a lot of creative work done, such as writing blog posts or pushing forward on my projects. I’ve had to make sacrifices for sure, but it’s all worth it.

What do you find most difficult about balancing your business and everything else?

Prioritizing what matters most and telling myself to STOP. I always want to do more than I have time to dedicate to it, and I’ve definitely had to deal with the consequences of putting too much on my plate. I am more conscious to take time off now, making sure to schedule in weekends where I work less or go out of town. It’s really important for me to escape my business to recharge my creativity and avoid getting burned out.

How can you tell when you’re stretching yourself too thin and you need to pull back to take a break? What do you do when you’re feeling that way?

When I start to question myself and feel like I have to force my creativity. I’m all about “alignment before action” and listening to my intuition. When something feels off or I simply don’t have any passion about it--it’s a sign for me to take a step back and get away. Escaping into a Netflix binge, spending the weekend at my boyfriend’s, or simply getting out of my apartment are my go-to “getting away from my business” activities.

What do you envision your life and your business will look like when you are getting ready to make the jump to leave your day job?

Well, I will definitely have enough money saved up in the bank to support the decision! Then mentally preparing myself for the big leap (and probably looking for apartments because I do want to move once I take my biz full-time.) As far as my 9-5, I'll be focused on showing up fully and probably training my successor and/or putting together systems and workflows for them. I will feel very sad to leave to be totally honest! As far as my business, I intend to be preparing for a big launch (maybe a group coaching program?!)

What are you most looking forward to when you take your side hustle full-time?

Freedom! To be able to live anywhere, create my own schedule, and ease into my day with slow mornings. I want more time to visit my family and spend time with my niece. I want to explore the world and meet new people, see new things, and experience different cultures. It will also give me the opportunity to reach and serve more people and bring all these wild ideas in my head to life that I just don’t have time to do with a 9-5.

What is the one thing you want women to get from you and your business?

Always strive to maintain authenticity in your business (and life!) Stay true to who you are, don’t focus on what the competition is doing, and your success will be inevitable.

How do you interact with other entrepreneurs in order to support each other?

I’m in a mastermind with some lovely ladies who all share the same values and goals as me. I’m also in a few Facebook groups and a membership site for entrepreneurs - Profit Planner Lounge with Haley Burkhead! (P.s. from Sam here - I am also in the Profit Planner Lounge and it is amazing! I highly recommend it for anyone who is looking to grow their side hustle). I also try to meet other entrepreneurs in real life, because there’s nothing more powerful than an in-person connection.

How many hours do you typically spend on your business in a given week?

15-20 hours.

What’s next for you and your business?

One of my big goals for my business is to host in-person workshops and retreats. To be able to organize something, bring like-minded people together, teach my craft, and to learn from others would be SO rewarding.

Is there any advice you would give someone who is looking to start their own business?

Don’t wait--start now. Every moment you over analyze or question yourself is time wasted. A lot of people in my community tell me they are scared to start because they don’t have this or they don’t have that. As long as you have the drive to do it--everything will fall into place. I’m also a huge trial and error kind of person--I learn from DOING, not studying or waiting.

What do you wish you had known before you started your business?

Out of all these questions, this is surprisingly the hardest one to come up with an answer for, so let’s just say this. I think everything happens for a reason and wishing I knew certain things, strategies, people, mistakes I’d make, etc. I probably wouldn’t be where I currently am. Maybe I’d be farther along or maybe I’d be behind. Either way, I don’t like to dwell on what I didn’t do or what I should have done. I truly believe we will get to where we need to be in the most perfect way as long as we are patient and following our heart.

Where can people reach you if they have questions or want to follow you?

For all things blogging, business, and mindset head to! I’d also love to have you inside my Facebook community for new and aspiring entrepreneurs. And if you’re nosy and want to see a behind the scenes of all the raw and real moments of my life, follow me on Instagram.

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