Loving Lately - My Favorite Blogs


In this month's Loving Lately, I'm sharing my favorite blogs. I love consuming content in pretty much any form, podcasts, books, YouTube videos, I will consume content in pretty much any way that is available to me. But blogs hold a special place in my heart. I've been reading blogs since high school and I love how they can seamlessly combine text, video, and photography. They can explain some lofty philosophical idea or be a simple how-to post. Blogs can cover every topic imaginable and I'm excited to share some of the blogs I've been Loving Lately!

Market Beautifully

Full disclosure, Market Beautifully is run by Haley, the same awesome lady boss who runs the Profit Planner Lounge which helps young entrepreneurs grow their online business (I'm a proud member of Profit Lounge). Her Market Beautifully blog is full of useful advice and tips for anyone looking to up their productivity game, grow their business, or turn their side hustle into a full-time career, I highly suggest checking her out.

Budgets Are Sexy

As a side hustler who is over here trying to build an empire, my finances are very important to me. I want to make sure I am saving for my goals, have enough money to travel, and have money to invest back into my business. I love this blog because it shares posts that are relatable and relevant to young people. "J. Money" runs the blog and makes complicated and intimidating financial topics approachable and easy to understand.

Fluent in 3 Months

Some of you may not know this but I got a minor in Italian while in college. But I haven't had much opportunity to practice speaking Italian since graduating which has resulted in me forgetting almost everything I learned. I've been trying to practice and re-learn Italian with my husband so that we can practice and speak it together. Fluent in 3 Months' blog is a great resource for anyone trying to learn any language. It's full of advice and helpful little tips to help you learn more effectively. Anyone who is thinking about or already trying to learn a new language should check it out.

What are some of your favorite blogs?

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