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Every day I open my inbox and find a mountain of messages from newsletters I've signed up for. Yes, sometimes the sheer number of emails I have coming into my inbox each and every day is intimidating but it's so worth it for the amazing quality and variety of content I find! Newsletters are my way of keeping up with current events, pop culture, fashion, the publishing industry, the marketing industry and everything in between. Because I hold so many newsletters near and dear I thought I would share some of my favorites with you!

Here are some gems:


What's not to love about this newsletter? I know many of you have already subscribed to this great combination of news, pop culture and judgement and get it directly to your inbox every week day. They also constantly create Skimm Guides on complicated subjects such as the Puerto Rico Debt Crisis, The Patriot Act, Bitcoin and many more.

Now I know

This is another newsletter than some of you may have heard of and may even subscribe to. This is great for you trivia buffs. Dan focuses on one specific topic in each newsletter and give great detail and history on each subject. Past subjects include: Pez, Phantom Vibration Syndrome, how we got the $ dollar sign. This is a fun and random bit of information to get directly into your inbox daily.

Vulture from New York Magazine

This newsletter is dedicated to always snarky and often hilarious coverage of pop culture and I recommend it for any tv or movie fans out there. Some good, guilty-pleasure content here.


Levo is your "career copilot. Their newsletter pulls together content focused on helping young professionals navigate the start of their careers. This is a fantastic resource for millennials looking for advice on how to get started and succeed.

What are some of your favorite newsletters?

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