How to Use Valentine's Day in Your Content Marketing


I've talked before about how you can use holidays to market your business and Valentine's Day is definitely a holiday you should be integrating into your marketing strategy.

For some types of products and businesses, finding a way to cover Valentine's day while making it relevant to your customers and followers is simple. Promoting my Etsy shop for Valentine's Day is easy because most of my products are wedding and love related, so I created a stock product perfect for Valentine's Day. But what if you have a hustle that is not as easily aligned with the holiday of love? You may think it's tough to link a travel blog with Valentine's Day but you could list the perfect weekend trips to take with your Valentine. Here are some strategies when you're trying to figure out how to incorporate Valentine's day into your content marketing strategy: 

Get some inspiration

I'm a big believer in doing some research on what other companies are doing as a way to come up with my own ideas. I'm not saying you should look at other companies like yours and do EXACTLY what they're doing. But I am saying you should look at businesses that are similar and different from yours and see how they creatively linked Valentine's Day with their product or service. Use those ideas as a jumping off point as you brainstorm for your content marketing.

Make it relevant to your business

Maybe you see a post from Groupon about the best local Groupon deals to use on Valentine's day but that is in no way relevant to your business. But, you can use that topic as a springboard for your event space. You have a space available to rent for different types of events so you could write a post about Valentine's day event ideas that would be perfect in your space. Have a business in which you sell DIY kits? Write a post of projects to MAKE with your Valentine instead of just exchanging gifts. The possibilities are endless if you can creatively link your product or service to the holiday.

Think about timing

Depending on what your business is, you may want to start talking about an upcoming holiday a month in advance. We've all walked into Target at the beginning of October and wondered why the hell there's already Christmas decorations as far as the eye can see. For retail, it's a good idea to start talking about an upcoming holiday four or even six weeks ahead of time (start promoting early around Black Friday and the holiday season). But, if you just want to tie in some content to an upcoming holiday for your business that isn't affected by holiday buying patterns, you can stick to two or three weeks ahead of time. A good example of this is blogs. The lifestyle blogs you love probably started posting about Valentine's Day with gift ideas and outfit ideas by mid-January. But those tech blogs you follow? You're not going to see any posts with Valentine's Day tie-ins until a week or two before, if at all. You have to decide how relevant the holiday is to your business and think about how you can create content that is both relevant to your hustle and the holiday.

Are you creating Valentine's Day themed content for your business? Need help with your marketing strategy? Contact me to schedule a digital marketing strategy consultation fo free.

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