What Will You Do with an Extra Hour of Sunlight?


I can't believe it's already daylight savings time, the year is already going by so fast! We "spring forward" tonight which means we lose an hour BUT it will be light out later. This is a bit of a trade off for me, the productivity hacker in me hates that I'm losing an entire hour of potential work/sleep time. But, I work a full-time day job so a much bigger part of me is so excited that it will stay light out later in the evening and I won't be leaving the office to darkness anymore!What will you do with your extra hour of sunlight?

Here are some ideas:

Get out and smell the roses.

One thing I love to do when the days are getting longer is to eat a quick snack when I get home then head back out with my dog to roam around my neighborhood. I live in NYC so I love getting out to walk around and exlplore. Taking time at the end of the day to get outside and enjoy the last bits of sunlight helps make the days feel longer and like I'm not just waking up, going to work, coming home and working on my side hustles, going to sleep and repeating.

Take your work outside.

If you absolutely have to work on your hustle in the evening, take your work outside and enjoy the sunlight! We live in Harlem and are very fortunate to have a giant backyard so when the weather is nice we will head out to the backyard in the evening with our laptops and a bottle of white wine. If you don't have outdoor space, don't worry, just head to a coffee shop or even a bar that has some outdoor space. This is a great way to get your work done but also to enjoy the weather and relax a bit.

Cook outside.

Even if you don't have to get work done in the evening, try heading outside to grill instead of cooking dinner inside. Invite some friends over and have a barbecue right in the middle of the week! I love grilling during the week, it feels like a fun activity that is reserved just for weekends so it feels like we're cheating and winning against the week haha.

Workout in the evening.

I am a morning gym-goer, but for those of you that don't have a set workout routine or you normally hit the gym in the evening, consider going for a run outside after work instead. There are plenty of running clubs and group sports you can join that meet during the week in the evenings so you can soak up that extra hour of sunlight.

Try something new.

Use daylight savings as a new beginning to learn something new. Want to learn to take better photographs? Sign up for a walking photography class. Always saying you want to start doing more yoga? Take a yoga class in the park! Use the beginning of spring and the extra hour of sunlight to give yourself a jump start to try something new and stop making excuses.

What will you do with the extra hour of sunlight?

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