Why Vacations Are so Important


Anyone who is working on a side hustle, pursuing a career as an entrepreneur, or just works a full-time job while also trying to keep up with friends and family knows that sometimes, you just need a break. With the growth of the gig economy and more people pursuing side hustles, we find ourselves busier than ever. We're trying to get more done in less time. All of that work, with very little downtime, inevitably leads to stress and eventually burn out.

We've all heard the stats on Americans and our inability or unwillingness to use vacation time. Most U.S. employees only use about half of their vacation time. Of those who do take a vacation, many admit to working while away.

A few reasons why you should take a vacation:

  • You work hard, so you should TREAT YO SELF - explore a new place you've always wanted to go or just lie on a beach and sip piña coladas, the point is, you probably work harder than anyone you know so it's important to give yourself a treat every once in a while.

  • Vacations are a great way to reduce stress and recharge. According to multiple studies, taking a vacation can reduce job stress before you even leave, because you're anticipating that amazing getaway!

  • Taking a break and going on a vacation can actually help you be more productive. Remember earlier, when I mentioned that we're all trying to get more done in less time? Well, taking a vacation can actually help you be more productive overall and keep you feeling happier and more satisfied throughout the year.

As someone with multiple side hustles and projects running, I know it's tough and sometimes just impossible to completely unplug.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your vacation:

  • Plan and prep before you leave. Instead of neglecting your work during the wind up to your trip and putting off tasks that could potentially cause stress during your vacation, start prepping for your time away a week or two before. Identify what you would normally get done on those days you'll be lounging by the pool and start chipping away at those tasks one or two extra activities at a time. Doing this also means you won't be buried in a mountain of work when you and your relaxed self - get back to work after vacation!

  • If you MUST work, schedule in specific blocks of time for work, then put the laptop and the phone away, except when you're taking sweet selfies. This means you'll still be able to get the necessary work completed, but you'll still get the benefits of a stress relieving vacation.

  • Prioritize and pair down your to-do list. This is not the time to knock everything off your list, choose the most important 2-3 items that you need to complete during your scheduled work time while on vacation, once you've completed those tasks...you guessed it, unplug!

Do you work while on vacation? How do you make sure work doesn't affect your relaxation while on a trip?

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