Why Winter is My Favorite Season for Working


Hear me out on this, I know most people despise winter because it's cold and dark and dreary but those are actually some of the reasons I love it. I never experienced this in Florida but here in NYC, people literally go full grizzly and hibernate January-March. I love winter purely because of the reason no one wants to leave their apartment or change out of their favorite sweatpants and slippers!

So here are 3 quick reasons winter is my favorite season for working:


When it's snowy or icy and it's cold, people aren't as eager to get together for brunch or to go out. I actually love that because that means I can WORK. I can work without feeling fomo for missing that happy hour to have a client call. I can work without feeling cheap for skipping that dinner because I'm trying to save money to invest in myself and my business. I can say goodbye to all non-required social interactions, buckle down, and just work and save money for 3-4 months straight.

My Inner-Introvert is Happy

I'm an extrovert for the most part. I can walk into most social situations and feel comfortable. I'm not too easily intimidated by other people or new situations. But I still really value my alone time. Does that make me a loner extrovert? I know some of you social butterflies might be horrified about the idea of not hanging out with friends for weeks on end but sometimes I just love the idea of hunkering down and not leaving my apartment for an entire weekend. When I'm trying to get shit done and focus on my goals, there is nothing better in my opinion.

Momentum of New Year's

I've said before that I love using New Year's to set goals and make resolutions, and what is better than having a few months where you have plenty of time to focus on those goals? I like to use winter not only to get caught up on any work that fell to the back burner during the holidays but also use New Year's as a springboard to focus on planning and growing my businesses. Usually by the end of my self-imposed hibernation period, I've given myself a big boost on the goals I set for the year and I feel good as I look ahead to the mid-year mark.

What do you think about winter? Do you dread it or welcome it like me?

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