From day job to Business Owner in 6 months

After years of thinking about and dreaming of starting your own business, you’re finally ready to take action.

Maybe you have a business idea that you know will be successful, but you don’t know where to start with building your business, or, maybe you recently started your business and now you’re struggling to get more clients. Perhaps you got your first client from a friend or family member asking for your help and offering to pay you for your time.

Either way, you’re wondering how much should you be charging, exactly what services you should offer, and where to go from here.

I’ve been there, working on nights and weekends on my side hustle and wondering if I’ll ever be able to make enough money to leave my day job. Not sure if I should focus my precious little time on the clients I already had or on getting new clients. Having no idea how I should structure my packages or what I should be charging.

I built my business over five years of hard work and focus. Now, I want to help a young entrepreneur get their business off the ground and work with them to gain the confidence to leave their day job in six months - all fo free! This program is normally a 6k investment, but I want to offer it to one hardworking superstar for free as a scholarship.

You know you’ll never feel fulfilled at your day job but you’re not sure what steps to take to build a business that will allow you to become a full-time business owner.

That’s where the my six month one-on-one coaching scholarship can help. It’s time to build a business that makes sense and moves you toward the life you want to live!

If you’re ready to stop making excuses and put in the work to see real movement and growth in your business, fill out the below application to apply for my six month one-on-one coaching scholarship.

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In this coaching program we’ll focus on…

Who is your business

Who is your target audience? What about your brand is resonating with your ideal client? We’ll make sure your branding, website, and collateral represent you and your business so you’re ready to attract your ideal clients.

backend Systems & Processes

How many clients do you need to hit your income goals? How should you communicate with clients and keep track of all your tasks? We’ll get all of your systems and processes set up so you can focus on your clients and building your business.

Marketing & Sales

How will you market your business? Where will you find clients? We will set up a sales and marketing strategy that you can execute while working at your day job, that will allow you to scale your side hustle income and prepare to become a full-time entrepreneur.


All of the systems and marketing in the world don’t matter if you don’t have the mindset to back it up. Prepare to get real with yourself in order to more effectively run your business and serve your clients as your business grows.

Focusing on building the above parts of your business will help you to grow your side hustle while still working at your day job so that you are ready to go full-time in 6 months. Are you ready to put in the work to see the results? Apply for my six month one-on-one coaching scholarship below!


This program and scholarship IS for:

  • Those willing to show up and DO THE WORK in order to get the results they desire.

  • People who know they have something great to offer, but just need a bit of help putting it all together.

  • Anyone who needs help getting new clients and scaling their business.

  • Business owners who need to set up tools, systems, & processes so that they can spend more time on their clients.

This program and scholarship is NOT for:

  • People who have a million ideas but can never seem to start anything.

  • Business owners who feel comfortable and confident in their business.

  • Anyone not looking to grow their business.

  • Those who are already working on their business full-time that have the results they want from their business.


The nitty gritty

  • This is a 6 month program that is tailored to you and your business. While the larger content themes will remain the same, we can focus on specific needs and issues that come up throughout the program.

  • We will have bi-weekly, one hour long coaching calls to walk through questions and discuss strategy.

  • You will be assigned homework based on takeaways from each call.

  • We will get you set up with your business strategy, systems & processes, and homework in the project management tool, ClickUp so you’ll know exactly what you need to get done each week. Through our sessions and ClickUp, I'll advise you on what to get set up to get your business running smoothly so you can focus on scaling.

  • Weekly check-ins to help you get results and feel supported.

  • You also get unlimited support via Slack for any quick thoughts or questions.

The scholarship application will be open until ** October 20th ** DEADLINE EXTENDED TO FRIDAY OCTOBER 25TH! I will choose and notify the scholarship winner by October 25th and the coaching program will begin the week of October 28th!